Who needs an ‘Elf on the Shelf’…

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Some of you may recognise our little friend here and witnessed a snippet of his time with us. What you won’t be aware of, is how he came about being with us. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of seeing him…meet Peran – 0ur Cornish troublesome Elf….Cornish by name, Cornish by nature, and an elf who certainly won’t stay on the shelf!

Picture this (as it’s extremely accurate!)…it’s a windy, rainy, coldy type of December day (bit like summer really!) The PopinUps team are sat in the hub enjoying a lovely cup of Tregothnan Tea (keeping it local) and munching on a homemade saffron bun whilst doodling some doodles for Christmas ideas.

Suddenly there is confetti everywhere…and a small Elf (albeit a very cute small Elf) appears and is making confetti angels on the floor. Before we can look twice, he’s perched himself on the table top with a glass of milk and one of our saffron buns – cheeky little beggar!

He introduced himself as Peran and informed us that he has been sent back to Cornwall from the North Pole by the big man himself…yep…only St Nick, although you may know him as Father Christmas or even Santa!

After a few swigs of milk and more than enough saffron buns for a little chap, Peran explains how he was born in a small village called St Merryn but due to a troublesome childhood (involving countless incidents resulting in getting thrown out of a rather well known chef’s pub in the village – we’ll say no more!) he was sent to ELF CAMP in the North Pole to learn a skill and hopefully tame his troublesome ways.

7 years and 9 months later, which apparently is how long it takes to master the skill of playing fluffy bunnies…but replacing the marshmallows with, you’ve guessed it…saffron buns (who knew you could get them shipped to the north pole?!) and Peran has been sent back to Cornwall to help a local company get ready for Christmas. Apparently the ELF CAMP are reluctant to hand out candy cane rewards for ‘stuffing your face with pure goodness’ (as Peran describes his learnt skill)  and so he has been given the opportunity to develop his helpfulness and goodwill by supporting a local company in their lead up to the festive period!

As you can imagine, once we had all pinched ourselves a few hundred times…just to make sure there wasn’t something in the tea or the saffron buns that shouldn’t have been there…we got extremely excited at the prospect of entertaining this newly reformed character.

Needless to say Peran’s helpfulness was short lived, however his troublesome but extremely entertaining ways excused him, resulting in 3 weeks that we will never forget! Luckily for you, we managed to document his best shenanigans, and our favourite memories for your enjoyment!

Unfortunately for us, as it’s Christmas Day and Santa needs a well-deserved foot rub, Peran swished back to the North Pole this morning, after a full breakfast of festive pancakes of course…to receive his candy cane reward for ‘achieving great helpfulness’ … well, he did keep us in belly aching laughter for most of the time and making people smile has to be rewarded…right?

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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